Our School Ponies


Meet Our School Ponies

We have a wide variety of school ponies to suit our rides, from beginner to advanced, big or small. Each of them have their own fantastic personalities and we'd love you to meet them!

  • Eye Care


    Thoroughbred - Dark Bay - Gelding - 11 years old

    Loves attention and cuddles, a fabulous ride. A very handsome fellow.

  • Make up


    BAY – WARMBLOOD Gelding - 8 years old

    Will do anything for an apple or carrot. A horse that will teach a rider all they need to know.

  • Eye Care


    15.2hh - Thoroughbred - Bay - Mare - 10 years old

    A true lady in all aspects. Looks after small children and adults alike. Always comes home with a ribbon at shows. Loves carrots and being lead around by children.

  • Wax treatment


    15.2hh - Boerperd - Dapple Grey – Mare – 5 Years Old

    At just 5 years old she has fitted into the Shepherd’s Fold Family so well. She may look a little bit intimidating as she is built like a tank but once you get to know this amazing mare you will realise she is super safe in the school and on trails. She is as sweet as apple pie.

  • Make up


    DARK BAY – BOERPERD Gelding - 10 years old

    Loads of personality that just wants love and attention. An amazing schoolmaster thats aims to please

  • Facial Treatments


    14.1hh - grey – mare - 15 years old

    She is a super little pony that has been with us for 7 years. Great fun in the school and on trails. Amazing pony on lead and jumps like a dream. Do not under estimate this little girl. Loves rolling in the muddiest spots.

  • Facial Treatments


    14.2hh – Grey – mare - 17 years old

    Been there, done that. Never comes home without a ribbon and at her age is still winning at inter-schools- excellent all rounder and not scared of anything. She gives confidence to all her riders and loves her treats.

  • Facial Treatments


    16hh - Thoroughbred - Bay Roan – Gelding - 12 years oldd

    Imported from South America as a race horse but we believe he is most happy here at Shepherd’s Fold. Calm and patient and loves his job!

  • Facial Treatments


    14.2hh – Boerperd - Dark Bay – Gelding - 17 years old

    Our first riding school pony just 14 years ago. A schoolmaster and has taught hundreds of children to ride. He fooled us for many years thinking he could not jump!

  • Facial Treatments

    Peter Pan

    14hh - Appaloosa – gelding - 8 years old

    A honey pot of a pony. Loves to run around the other horses and stir trouble. Fantastic all rounder, a favourite at the yard.

  • Facial Treatments


    15.1hh -Registered Appaloosa – gelding

    Pride is a very pretty boy, and he loves attention. He enjoys playing in the field with his friends.

  • Facial Treatments


    16.2h - Percheron – gelding

    This friendly giant loves his trail rides and lots of cuddles.

  • Facial Treatments


    15.2hh - grey – mare - 10 years old

    Pretty and clever and she knows it, she know all the tricks. She has taught many riders but don’t go near her stable without a carrot as she may not like you very much.